A note from Debra Nordstrom, Designated Broker and Owner of The Nordstrom Group, Inc: Thank you for visiting our website! After over 4 decades of real estate practice, I have learned that, for me, working is not just about running a business to the most profitable bottom line. It’s about caring deeply to make a beneficial effect on people’s lives and livelihoods. This passion has driven the growth of The Nordstrom Group, Inc. into a local property management success during these last 26 years, but I attribute our company’s prosperity to our distinguished clients and to the wonderful Realtors who have entrusted their esteemed patrons to us for property management services and to the unparalleled professionals who have blessed The Nordstrom Group, Inc. with their diligence and dedicated hard work. In the following paragraphs, I will introduce you to each and every one of these remarkable individuals: my colleagues, my staff, and my son.


Eddie Nordstrom, Office Manager and Associate Broker: Eddie does a little bit of everything… and then he does a LOT of things that go on behind the scenes of business administration, many of which would bore you more than it bores him. Additionally, he acts as broker when the designated broker is away for more than 24 hours. He is a “go to” resource for every single position within our company and is able to cover any desk when needed. He manages a small portfolio of properties just to stay in the groove of what our property managers must do every day. Reliable, Eddie’s nickname in his extended family was Steady Eddie. He can also be counted on to bring laughter to most any situation in one clever line. Eddie is conscientious, careful, methodical, and considers all possibilities of a given situation before acting or rendering an opinion. He is then steadfast in the execution of the process or task. As one client opined, “Eddie doesn’t have an ounce of guile in him. There is no artifice”. That’s a good thing to know about the person who has access to your money and assets! After selling an insurance company he owned, Eddie joined The Nordstrom Group 16 years ago to appease his mother. He is a dedicated family man. Eddie’s favorite pastime is spending time with his two children and his wife. He gives time to their individual interests and accomplishments. He also enjoys sharing with them his love for biking, off-road motor biking and camping, and backyard barbecues with friends, kids and dogs.


Rhonda Madi, Bookkeeper: Rhonda has been running our bookkeeping department for 4 years with amazing accuracy. She is extremely neat and organized in her work habits. Dedicated, she does not leave the office until her day’s tasks are completed. Because of her experience of owning a real estate brokerage for 13 years in the White Mountains of Arizona, she also provides a second set of eyes on all documents. Although a real estate license is not required for the tasks she performs, Rhonda has a California real estate broker’s license and an Arizona real estate sales license. While in the White Mountains, Rhonda owned a graphic design business which published a real estate listing magazine. She also has experience in the on-site management of 450 apartment units and has worked as the business office director of an assisted living facility. Rhonda is serene, supportive, and compassionate. These traits make her popular with staff and clients alike. Rhonda enjoys time with her husband and her close- knit family. She likes interior design, jewelry making, tracking progress on her Fitbit, good food, good wine, and sharing it all with lots of friends.


Claudia Littler, Director of First Impressions: Claudia has been with our group for 18 years, making her a resource and a force in her own right. She is dependable, positive, helpful, impeccably groomed, and she loves what she does. She answers our phones and assists or leads nearly all administrative tasks. Legendary for her cheerful disposition and chirpy voice, she is unforgettable… and she forgets nothing. Of all of us, Claudia is missed most by callers and staff most on the rare occasions that she is absent. That probably tells it all. She simply has this unwavering sunny disposition that is uplifting to be around. In her other life, Claudia is wife, mother of a teen-aged daughter, friend, and lover of cats and all beautiful things.


Annabelle Serna, Property and Leasing Manager: Annabelle has 15 years of property management experience. She has been leading our leasing department for the last 4 years and also administers our fully furnished portfolio of rental properties. First and foremost, Annabelle is a customer service expert and equally adept at marketing. She has increased occupancy of off-season furnished rentals by 63%. She has also been instrumental in upholding our company’s extremely low vacancy rates. She coordinates the activities of our leasing agent and, together with our leasing agent, pre-qualifies our rental prospects. Annabelle is a creative and inspiring meeting leader, holding interest with visual aids and participation. Naturally, Annabelle is well-spoken and writes equally as well. Annabelle is always positive in her approach to life. She is enthusiastic, friendly and genuinely interested in people. She is constructive in problem solving and consistently follows up on tasks and promises made. Annabelle is responsible and will stay on task to completion, whether the work day is over or not. She is often the first to volunteer to take on a new task. Annabelle is generous and willing to give resources, help, and time to anyone who asks. She treats and speaks of others well. After work hours, Annabelle enjoys racing between Cub Scouts, karate classes and other activities with her boys and rescuing dogs. She is also privileged to have a close extended family around her.


Lynn Warde, Week-end Agent on Call: Lynn has been with the company for more than 9 years and originally managed one of our portfolios. While easing into retirement, Lynn continues to assist our Group as the Weekend Agent on Call. She responds to ad calls, shows properties, and coordinates maintenance issues so that our operations don’t miss a beat. Her weekend activity report is promptly delivered before business opens Monday morning so each property manager can smoothly follow up. Lynn is warm, practical, direct, and holds to proper conduct. Raised a pampered Memphis belle, Lynn found her mettle after moving to Tucson as a young woman. She immediately embraced the Southwestern lifestyle and spent years on remote ranches, working from horseback, and learning the rewards hard work brings first hand. Lynn is an animal advocate, a lover of history and literature, and is both politically and socially savvy. She is an engaging conversationalist with polished writing skills. Lynn cherishes her free time and is seldom seen in the office but her presence is palpable. She hopes to make a difference in all her endeavors and holds dear her place on our team.


Pamela Neiman, Senior Property Manager: Pamela has 30 years of experience in property management. Her mother owned a property management company and that is where Pamela learned the ropes, so to speak. She started out managing her mother’s office and worked her way up from there. Her mother was very exacting and this pattern repeats in Pamela. When her mother sold her business, Pamela worked for another large property management firm before joining our Group. The thing that distinguishes Pamela is her thoroughness. Her property inspections are impeccable. She is careful with our client’s money. She questions estimates and studies bills to make sure that they match the estimates and the work requested. She does nothing by rote. Her files are complete. She likes to communicate by phone and memorialize with brief notes. She receives so many gifts of appreciation at Christmas and throughout the year that we know what kind of service she delivers to our clients without asking. In the 12 years Pamela has worked with our Group, she has never said a derogatory word about a tenant, a client, or a colleague. Pamela is kind. Pamela likes to spend her free time with horses, her two grown children, friends, and family. Still, you will often find her in the office or checking your property outside business hours.


Vanessa Schwartzel, Property Manager: Vanessa has been a real estate broker for 13 years. Prior to real estate, her background includes 10 years as a business manager for a children’s charity and 6 years in Human Resources. She was the first female physical trainer for the Royal Navy and served for 10 years. Vanessa completed her studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Born in England, she immigrated to the USA in 2003 and became an appreciative US citizen. From all of these experiences, Vanessa brings organizational skills and disciplines that are put to good practice for our client’s benefit. She manages her portfolio well by managing projects in blocks, following up and meeting deadlines consistently. She follows the principles of her moral traditions and seeks the best outcome for everyone. She is well spoken, cuts to the chase when it is called for, and expresses a good degree of British humor. Vanessa is interested and caring. She enjoys cooking, gardening, nature, many sports, and time with her husband, sharing all of these things.


Elena Bujor, Property Manager: A real estate broker, Elena has more than 10 years of experience in property management in Arizona and California. She has worked both “hands on” and in supervisory positions for as many as 1195 units. She grew up in a military family and lived in many European countries. Before immigrating to the USA and becoming one of our citizens, she finished her education in Romania, Bucharest and is proficient in Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish and English. She brings with her an unflinching work ethic that is an honor to observe. She is equal parts “no nonsense” and the warmest person you will ever meet. She is both analytical and creative. In her other life, Elena is an accomplished musician and artist. She is fond of fashion and pearls. She also enjoys good food and traveling with her husband and her beagle dog, Shadow.


Raphael LaPercq, Administrative Coordinator: As of July 2018, Raphael is new to our company! Born in New York to a French father and a German mother, he grew up in Germany, near Frankfurt and moved back the States in late 2013. His parents then traveled back to Germany, near Frankfurt, where he grew up. Fluent in German and English, he comes to us with 3 years of property management experience from Sedona, Arizona, where he thrived in the industry. There, he found that he could multi-task easily, keeping important projects moving. Raphael’s genuine interest in people and his warm personality naturally draws him to customer service. He is a stabilizing force wherever he is, implementing both compassion and humor to problem solving. His communications skills are articulate, both verbally and written. Passionate about learning for its own sake, Raphael is continually in learning mode and has many interests. He decided that it was time to complete his bachelor’s degree and is aiming to graduate in computer engineering while working here in the afternoons and week-ends, as needed. Raphael enjoys the spiritual pursuits that one finds in healthy living, nature, reading, and being human. Both reported and demonstrated, Raphael is in possession of a strong moral compass.